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Chance Favors the Prepared Mind Magnet, Round (1 & 10 pcs)


Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

TSP (The Survival Preppers) Oval Stickers


Dress up your laptop or tablet with this Oval TSP logo sticker

The Survival Preppers Logo Black Mug, 15oz


Start your day off right with the TSP (The Survival Preppers) coffee mug.

Protect Your Nuts Button Magnet, Round (1 & 10 pcs)


The squirrel is the embodiment of preparedness because the work all summer to gather food and supplies to prepare for a long winter.

Tin Foil Cat Time Coffee Mug


Start your morning off right with this customized coffee mug with a cool tin foil hat wearing cat to make that “aaahhh!” moment even better